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Some Caves, Some Sea, and A Lot of Vis



visiting the natural phenomena of the Blue and Green Caves, kayaking to one of the most beautiful Adriatic bays – Stiniva, climbing to the peak of the island of Hum, exploration of a beautiful karst cave, tasting local island products

The island of Vis, with its indented coastline, its numerous islands and cliffs, its hidden bays, sandy beaches and sea caves, is one of the most attractive destinations in the Adriatic. Unspoiled nature and natural phenomena such as the Blue and Green Caves will leave no one unimpressed.

Visit Queen’s Cave, whose beauty represents a precious geological and archaeological jewel of the island of Vis, and spice it all up with activities such as rock climbing and abseiling. Besides enjoying its natural beauties we will try our best to help you get to the essence of this island and experience it completely through its very rich history dating from the second millennium BC, or through tasting the local island products.

ind out why the island of Vis is recognized as a fortified island, for the control of which various militaries fought throughout history.

7-day tour packages are available. The programme of activities for a 7-day package includes:

Day 1: arrival;
Day 2: kayaking – the southern side of the island of Vis – Green Cave – Stiniva Bay;
Day 3: walking the interior of the island of Vis;
Day 4: Bišovo Island / Blue cave / village of Poje / Porat Bay;
Day 5: caving – Queen’s Cave – Okjucina village;
Day 6: rock climbing – Red Rocks – visit to Tito’s Cave;
Day 7: Departure.

The package can be booked from April to October for groups of 6 to 12 persons. Available accommodation in 3, 4 or 5-star apartments and houses, and van / jeep transport is available.

Professional guidance is available in Croatian and English languages, and in other languages on request. All information is of a general character and is not binding; therefore, a request for a final offer is required.


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